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from a local nursery’s facebook page: Numerous questions about how much to water plants inspired me to post this old column of mine.. (Ed. note: I have no  idea who the original author is. I want to hug them. What great information!) Why isn’t watering simple? There are only two ways plants die from watering mistakes. They are either… Read more »

Classic Sour Cream Coffee Cake

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My grandmother Mary called this Aunt Sophie’s Yum Yum coffee cake. She made it every time I visited, well into her 90s. It’s a sure winner, everyone loves it. Tender, buttery, cinnamon shot through the center, and toasty, sugary pecans (or walnuts) on top. It’s a great cake to have on hand for afternoon garden… Read more »

Blueberry Cheesecake Bars (A Reprise)

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I wrote about these cheesecake bars before and they were topped with cherries. They are so good, and the season for sour cherries so fleeting, I thought I’d give you another version with the more ubiquitous blueberry. This is a great take along dessert. Also a perfectly delicious breakfast. No judging. Sadly, what they aren’t… Read more »

Sort of Grilled Miso Cod

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Miso cod is one of my favorite fish presentations. It takes a bit of preplanning, if only to get at least 8 hours of marinating in, but overall this is a recipe requiring very little effort and it cooks in a flash, making it a perfect dinner party food. Here I’m providing the method I… Read more »

Roasted Hakurei Turnips with Hot Honey

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We are eating from the garden days as much as we can and I can’t wait for the small white Hakurei turnips to be ready. A friend brought a bunch from the farmers market the other day – so recently plucked from the ground the leaves were still perky. I used tomato powder, dehydrated and… Read more »

Strawberry Mango Jam – Small Batch

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It’s impossible to predict what will kickstart my preserving season. This year, it was an abundance of strawberries I served to guests. Hulled the day before, the berries were vulnerable and would soon start to ferment. I had mangos, too, so ripe they filled the kitchen with their sweet perfume. This is the way I… Read more »

Almond Meringue Cake

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Layers of crispy chewy almond meringue, a generous swath of lightened pastry cream spiked with espresso, and a swipe of bittersweet chocolate ganache to balance it all. It’s a dacquoise or a marjolaine or simply a spectacular cake. Once assembled, the cake improves as the layers get softer and chewier and more delicious. It can… Read more »