Cherry Cheesecake Bars

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The combination of tart cherries and creamy cheese filling, whether  in cheesecake or danish form, is dreamy. The tart-sweet-creamy thing makes me swoon so when I saw a recipe online for blueberry cheesecake bars, my first thought was yes, but make it cherry. That recipe used crumbled store bought shortbread cookies which I objected to… Read more »

Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts

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This recipe has been around for years and has been replicated by everyone from Nigella Lawson to Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman. You can’t go wrong with these sweet and salty, herby-with-a-kick snacks. I usually mix walnuts, pecans, whole almonds, and hazelnuts. If I have pistachios or cashews that are already salted and roasted, I’ll add… Read more »

Keepwell Vinegar’s Strawberry Black Walnut Frangipane Jalousie (Vegan)

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Keepwell Vinegar and White Rose Miso are Central Pennsylvania businesses specializing in small batch vinegars and miso. Founders and Makers Sarah Conezio and Isaiah Billington started fermenting only a few years ago and have added creative, delicious products to their line every year. Quite simply, every one of their products is extraordinary. I love the… Read more »

Edna Lewis’ Cornbread (and Baking Powder)

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A hot pan of crispy cornbread is always welcome. I dodge the question of sugar or no sugar and rely instead on Edna Lewis‘ perfect sugar-free cornbread recipe because no one else speaks so clearly when I want a classic Southern recipe. When I first read Miss Lewis’ book, The Taste of Country Cooking, I… Read more »

Perfecting the Peanut Butter Cookie

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I’ve taken the very best qualities from my three favorite peanut butter cookie recipes and combined them for this delicious rendition. I couldn’t have gotten there without Chris Kimball, Kim Severson, Stella Parks, and Sarah Kieffer. And truly, the research was never a chore. These are sandy, crispy, chewy in the center and stuffed with… Read more »

Crispy Fish Tacos

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Serves 2 Fish tacos are delicious, feel like a party, make a small mess that’s worth it, and satisfy the crunchy, sweet, spicy, textural experience I seek out. Cod is my fish of choice here, but is not always available at the fresh fish counter. Check the freezer section at your grocery store. Wild-caught, seasonally… Read more »

Peanut Orange Chili Sauce

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Keep this sauce in the refrigerator for inspiration all day long. Around lunchtime, leftovers like noodles or grains and random raw or roasted vegetables become a bowl of something good. In this photo, it’s turkey meatballs, wild rice mix with peas from the night before and a little saucy goodness. For dinner, I swab an… Read more »