April 13, 2015

more frittilary

Hello, friends.

I’m buried in work and home projects. I’ll be back soon with some recipes, but for now, please enjoy my garden. It’s coming back to life.


PS I’m starting to travel next week and will be all around the country between now and the end of October. Please check my events page and come visit me. I’d love to have a chance to meet you all face to face.



my hillside daffodil driftmy own cherry blossom festivalpeonies are poppingstar magnoliaescapees along the drivefrittilary frittilarieshillside of daffodilstazzeta daff star magnolia skunk cabbage pond for peepers peony strong new garden plot hostess gift hellebore first of many chives chinodoxa chinodoxa-2

One Response to “Blooming”

  1. Barbara Karlen

    Attended your talk at Madison Central Library yesterday, and love, love, love your book

    I am preparing your recipe for field beans with ham hock.

    Do you drain the beans, or pour the liquid n the pot as well?


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