September 12, 2010

For our anniversary dinner, we attended the Outstanding In The Field event on the beach in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Jim Denevan, the brilliance behind this concept, first dreamed up the idea of putting tables and chairs in the middle of farm fields to bring farmer and chef together for the pleasure of a group of diners.

This dinner, on the beach, was the collaboration of Denevan, Chef Matt Haley and numerous fishermen, farmers and vintners. It was a spectacular experience. You can see all my photos on Flickr.

The only disappointment in an otherwise perfect evening was losing two of my favorite plates. Well, not exactly losing them – but having them STOLEN from the table of plates washed by the staff and left for departing diners to claim. Someone must have taken a liking to mine.

I’m sad – they were a gift from a dear friend. If you have my plates, please send them back. I still have four small ones and these six plates were my favorite on which to serve sweet treats.

Have you seen my plates?

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