April 6, 2017

It’s already April and my manuscript is due in just a few months. I refuse to calculate the weeks. Every day, I make pie. Sometimes two. Often four. There were some that just rocked my world from the first test and others that stubbornly refused to work for more than a dozen iterations.

This is the life of a cookbook author. I’m deep down the rabbit hole of slab pies. (Heather Novickis made me the tea towel! Check out her Etsy shop.)

I took a day off and visited Whitmore Farm. It’s lambing season. There were lambs everywhere. I had the most wonderful squishy moment of awe holding that little newborn. Baaaaa.

In the meantime, in BRING IT!, my Washington Post column, I wrote about terrines. (This gorgeous photo from Goran Kosanovic and styled by Bonnie Benwick) It’s a molded salad of cheese and a rich, sumac laden eggplant stew scattered with a fistful of herbs. Make it soon. It’s surprisingly easy, holds for days, and will be a welcome addition at a holiday get together.

The tulips on my terrace are spectacular. I hope things are greening up where you are, too.

My wishes for you this April. Take a walk in the springtime. Eat something delicious. Hug a lamb.


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