March 5, 2012

Without even a moment of Winter, it seems, Spring has arrived.

It’s hard to leave my garden in Spring, when every day brings another surprise. Today a tulip – an early Gregii – popped up. And others will appear while I’m away, and may even fade before I return. So much could change. It is March, after all. There could still be a snowstorm that could frostbite the magnolia blossoms.

But I’m going to bid adieu for just a few days. The iris and snowdrops. The daffodils and tulips. Buds swelling on the cherry tree and the crabapple. And the camellias, with the promise of blowsy flowers far too flashy for these early months.

We’re off to Paris for a few days of just-us time.

Friday will be a whirlwind Charcutepalooza day when we meet up with Peter Barrett, after his four days at Kate Hill’s Camont, all part of the Charcutepalooza grand prize. All of us will join  The Antiques Diva as she leads us through the Ham and Antiques Market. After that.. off to finally meet Jack Dancy from Trufflepig, for a swank and meaty cocktail party he’s throwing. Thrilled Ariane Daguin from D’Artagnan will be in Paris, and Florence Casterede from Armagnac Casterede will, too. That puts nearly every sponsor in the City of Lights to celebrate Charcutepalooza. Without these sponsors, none of this could have happened.

one of my prized hellebores

I can’t wait to meet people I’ve wanted to meet for a long time, and others I’ll be seeing again. And I’m especially thrilled that DC friends currently living in Brussels and Vienna are hopping trains to come to Paris.

Please, don't bloom yet. Wait for me, camellias!

After all this Charcutefolie, I’ll be chunneling to London, and then on to the School of Artisan Food with Kate. The trip will end with one night in London, eating and drinking with Charcutepalooza friends before an early flight back home.

I am beyond excited, feel ever so fortunate, and I promise to tell you all about it in a couple of weeks.


PS Follow me on Twitter. I’ll be using the #charcutepalooza hashtag. I’ll also post on Facebook and Instagram, my new social media friend.

8 Responses to “hello spring.”

  1. Barbara | Creative Culinary

    So very excited for you and others…your trip sounds perfect. And your garden looks gorgeous. I could forget that we are a month behind the rest of the country in seeing signs of spring before blogging and Twitter but no more. Though yesterday was gorgeous and today I heard a robin I also know we could yet have another blizzard in our neck of the woods. So I REALLY enjoyed being reminded of what I have to look forward to…thanks for that!

  2. Linda

    I’ve been following Peter’s blog. What a great job, from the writing to the photography. It is like a vicarious tour with him. A “merci beaucoup” will never be enough. I hope you have a wonderful time! I’m enjoying all the posts and comments from others. I think that he has a community following him and to think that you and Kim created this community is just amazing. I’m so happy that I have been part of it.


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