November 10, 2014

1 basket and a lot of  red currants edit copyOne week ago was my book birthday and wow it’s been a crazy seven days ever since. I’ve stood in the freezing wind at a few of my favorite farmers markets, meeting new readers and greeting old friends.

sixth&II’ve been interviewed by Bonnie Benwick, Deputy Editor of the Washington Post Food Section. I’ve traveled to Richmond and the beautiful new Southern Seasons store. And today, right now, I’m sitting in Toronto (there are still tickets available for tonight’s event.)

With Sandra Miller of Painted Hand Farm at the Bethesda Central Farm MarketThis is it. I’m off on my official book tour.

spotted in the wild. my hands were shaking!

Thursday, November 13, I’ll be at the 92nd St. Y, in conversation with the brilliant and funny Charlotte Druckman. Tickets are still available. Won’t you come say hi?

Next weekend, I’m in San Francisco, after which I’ll head to Seattle. All the details are here.

At my little neighborhood farmers market, kicking off the tour.More than anything, what has been especially heartwarming is to read posts from my fellow bloggers who are making and eating and writing about the recipes in the book. And they’ve taken gorgeous photos to boot. It’s still totally amazing to me, and I hope this sense of astonishment never gets old.In a Troy, NY bookstore window, I'm keeping some pretty swell company.Here are links to all the fun. Many of these sites are offering giveaways, too, which means you, too, could soon be cooking from Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry.

Jill Warren Lucas and Eating My Words with cranberry raspberry sauce 

Carol Sacks and In Medias Recipe with Figgy Marmalade and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 

Winnie Abramson & Healthy Green Kitchen bakes beautiful rugelach 

Laura Kumin at Mother Would Know brined Fennel, Olive and Orange pickles 

Domenica Marchetti asked me questions over lunch (and made mascarpone) 

The lovely blogger Chicken Wire Paper Flowers talks up my cranberry raspberry sauce.

Cecilia Venuto (One Vanilla Bean)made a truly gorgeous galette with kale, potato, creme fraiche and a duck fat crust. So pretty!

Tamar Haspel at Starving off the Land writes an admittedly biased review.

Snowflake Kitchen and cranberry raspberry sauce and cocktails! 

Heather Atwood made beautiful jars of caramel pear preserves 

Christine Rudelevige writes in the Portland Herald about quickles.

I had a blast as guest editor at Food52. I wrote about the taxonomy of preserves and shared four recipes for using jam. And they’re doing a super giveaway (and said some really nice things about my book.)

I did an interview with Brandon Fox over at Style Weekly (Richmond, VA)

And Eat Your Books, my favorite online organizing tool for my collection of cookbooks, ran a piece about my  favorite cookbooks of all time. They’re doing a giveaway, too!

The lovely Lori Grisham did a great interview on her USA Today podcast.

You’ll find me in the November issue of Washingtonian magazine.

And, I wrote a fun little piece in Washington Post’s Food section about what to do with what you’ve canned.

I can’t let this wrap up end without sharing some squee-inducing photos:

Check out the duck fat crust Scott Davis made for his classic English pork pie. Yum.

duckfatcrustAnd one of my favorite chefs, Nick Stefanelli, posted this on Twitter. Squee, right?


10 Responses to “People are cooking from The Practical Pantry”

  1. ScottD

    OMG that crust! It held up so well being refrigerated overnight with the leftover Pork Pie. Still flaky and crunchy when I had it for lunch. Off to pickup a jowl and more duck fat!

    Congrats on a great launch!

  2. cb

    got time to get up to Geyserville, in northern Sonoma County, when you’re in SF? come up and see us, we’ll walk down the street 2 blocks (Geyserville is quite, quite small) and eat at eaither Catelli’s or Diavola… or take a five minute drive to Rustic. we don’t have a bank, a grocery, or a gas station, but yikes! we got the good food.

  3. Anne Ritchings

    I absolutely love this book. Since I’ve been canning for years, I thought I knew a lot. BUT learn something new on every page. This book is a masterpiece of clarity and excellent instruction.
    I made the pork chops with spicy bok choy the other night. A big hit at our house.
    Congratulations on a job well done.

  4. Dede

    I just received your book as a Christmas gift my my sister. It’s lovely and right up my alley as I am an avid home preserver. I was surprised to see you say to NEVER can summer squash (page 16). I have made and canned really wonderful summer squash pickles. I thought the acid in the vinegar makes this a safe practice. Thoughts?

  5. Lorrie Schoettler

    Hi, Cathy. I’m hiding from the heat this muggy July afternoon, just noodling around the internet, looking for inspiration. I’d never visited your non-food related blog post page before, so clicked the link and found this diary of your book launch. I was at the one in DC, drove down from Harpers Ferry, WV. I cherish my signed copy of the Practical Pantry and turn to it often…especially when I’ve come home with a peck or a half bushel of something or other from the farmers market and need useful ideas about how to get the most out of the purchase. This year I have promised myself to tackle the meats. I’m a little intimidated by those recipes.

    Anyway, thanks! and I’m looking forward to the pie book!


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