November 24, 2010

Today a lot of cooking happened in this kitchen.

There was so much food. Carrots and celery. Celeriac. Beets. Pumpkin. Pecans. Onions. Herbs galore. Breads. Desserts. Meats. Turkeys.

Abundance wherever I looked. I felt incredibly lucky and grateful.

Grateful for Dennis, my love. For Louie, who makes me laugh. For Beans, quite simply, the whitest cat you’ve ever seen.

Grateful for my loving friends near and far. Friends new and old. Virtual and InRealLife

And I am so so grateful for all of you who read this blog and keep me company. This Thanksgiving, it’s as though you’re all in the kitchen with me.

For weeks now, the talk has revolved around the Thanksgiving menu. How fortunate are we to have that luxury?

So many people in this country, in this very wealthy country, go hungry every day. Please, this week, while you shop for yourself, pick up some non-perishable foods. Extra cans of soup, dried beans, cereal, peanut butter. It won’t add much to your grocery bill. Donate these extras to a food bank in your town.

Click here for a list of food pantries across the country.

Winter’s coming and no one should go hungry when there is so much abundance.

We’ll be collecting food for the Capital Area Food Bank on Friday, at our party.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


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  1. littlegaper

    Thank you to you. I have learned a lot from you about cooking and canning. The new website is great. Hope you have a fine Thanksgiving!



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