January 26, 2010

For several years, friends have encouraged me to offer cooking classes. In fact, I’ve even done plenty of impromptu instruction (how to chop an onion/shallot/garlic, rolling out a pie crust, chocolate making, tofu tricks, knife skills) and it’s all been well recieved. Sometime last summer, I started to think more and more about holding classes in my kitchen.

Last month, I sent an email around to a few friends who had indicated an interest. I asked them to gather some friends and come to a class, just to give me a chance to practice, to see if I liked it, how my kitchen would work, and to see if I even *could* teach.

Right before New Years, I held an appetizer class. Six students gathered around and we made tasty, fancy appetizers. We all had a lot of fun. Then, in mid-January, I offered a Dinner Party class – six people came, watched and participated, and in under three hours, appetizer, main course and dessert were made (no prep! all before their eyes!) About a week later, I showed another group how to put together three healthy soups, and how to make it all fancy-schmancy with some garnishes.

I am here to report that

1) The students seemed to have a good time while learning recipes, tips and tricks.
2) I had fun. And,
3) I want to keep teaching.

So, (drumroll, please!) here is the Spring Class Schedule in Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen.
Classes are $50. each
Prepay, and four classes are the price of three – $150.

Email me at mrswheelbarrow@aol.com to sign up.
There are only six places per class, first come, first served, and they go fast!

Sunday March 7 11a-2p
: Mini-Fritattas, Homemade Sausage Patties, Strawberry Rosemary Skewers,
Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

Monday, March 15 1-4p

Saturday March 20 12-3

Sunday, April 11 11a-3p
DINNER PARTY: Shitake Thai Sticks, Chicken in Striped Pajamas, Sweet Potato Fries,
Perfect Salad, Crème Brulee

Saturday, April 17 1p-4p

Monday, April 26 11a-2p

Coming — Summer, 2010
Basics of Canning: Jams
 & Chutneys
Basics of Canning: Tomatoes from Sauce to Salsa
Main Dish Salads

Indian Flavors

Quick Pastas

One Chicken Three Ways
Thai Take Out at Home

Saturday May 1 10a – 1p Class for Dads and Kids/Daughters? (three pairs max.)

Learn to Make Brunch for Mother’s Day

Mrs. Wheelbarrow is available to teach in your kitchen, too. Custom design a menu.
Maximum six guests. $250. includes groceries.

8 Responses to “Exciting News! I’m Teaching!”

  1. Kathi D

    Sounds like the beginning of something big!

    Hey, my captcha is rechl–awfully close to, well, you know.

  2. Jennifer Hess

    This is so wonderful. I might have to make a special trip down just to attend a class or two 🙂

  3. AmyRuth

    Congratulations! Just reading your sequence of posts to get acquainted. I live in Missouri and have an acquaintance through blogging with a blogger in St. Louis who does the same thing you do. I am so impressed with your talent and hope you continue to enjoy.


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