August 11, 2017 — Eat Your Books

I was thrilled to be included in Jenny Hartin’s Flashback and Flashforward column over at Eat Your Books.

Jenny is the founder of the Cookbook Junkies on Facebook. This is a great resource for every cookbook lover. And once you’ve amassed all those great titles, Eat Your Books helps you find those recipes you’ve wanted to make. Index your books using a QR-code reader on your smart phone, then use the Eat Your Books search function to find every recipe in your cookbook collection using eggplant, for instance. Or to drill down more and ask for a beet recipe that was in an Ottolenghi book. EYB comes back with page numbers! Inspiration at your fingertips, from your very own bookshelf. There are cookbook reviews, interviews with chefs and authors, plenty of resources. Check it out.

Happy August. I hope you are on vacation someplace wonderful.



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