August 10, 2016

It’s been a crazy time but this salad has gotten me through. It’s everything. Sweet, salty, sassy with chile pepper heat.

IMG_1243In the last month, in the craziest 9 days, we staged our house (POD in, POD out) and put it on the market. It sold 5 days later. We rejoiced, cried, panicked, and ran away.

IMG_1228After two days by the waterside, things look more manageable and I am working on reestablishing a regular routine for the next little while.

13876469_10209660722616892_4040056958626144540_nThis is where we’re moving. Our condo is on the other side of the building. We don’t move until October, but on the other hand Holy Crap. WE MOVE IN OCTOBER.

IMG_1255For those days when the house was on the market, I barely cooked, but I did manage to knock out some bagels one night because this recipe from the Washington Post is delicious and I’ve got it down to about 20 minutes of active work, including clean up. This is a skill you want to have: Bagel making at home. Trust me.

We ended up out of the house driving around while the house was being shown to what seemed like a zillion people. We made the best of it, visiting the truly adorable and everything delicious Buttercream Bakeshop, Tiffany MacIsaac and Alexandra Mudry Till’s sweet shop in Shaw. Dennis loved the blueberry lime bar and I went savory with an artichoke and spinach filled yeasty roll. Delicious.

IMG_1276I escaped for lunch once and snagged  a stupendous Bahn Mi at Straw, Stick and Brick.

On the day when there were 8 showings, a leisurely brunch was the only option. We headed to Osteria Morini where Chef Matt Adler was cooking up a storm before leaving (with his pastry chef wife Kimberly) for adventures of their own making. I was so happy to have a chance to taste his pasta one more time (so tender, so delicious, every element perfection.) We’ll all be watching to see where he lands next. In the meantime, Matt’s executive sous, has taken the helm.

IMG_1197Osteria Morini’s menu has included, in one form or another, a starter that I never pass up. It’s not complex, but it’s exceptional in its simplicity. One of the happiest combinations around. The components are the very freshest seasonal fruit, burrata, hazelnuts and a calabrian chile vinaigrette. I’ve enjoyed this combo with ruby grapefruit, with strawberries and, most recently, with cantaloupe.

IMG_1294I am officially obsessed.

So I created a bastardized version. It’s a little proletariat, maybe missing the Chef Adler flair, but as salads go, it’s a winner.

Thank you to the Washington State Fruit Growers for the beautiful nectarines and peaches that I’ve put in this salad day after day after day.

Not Matt’s Salad (Summer Fruit and Mozzerella Salad)

3 slices of ripe cantaloupe, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 ripe nectarine, pitted and sliced thin
1 ounce fresh mozzerella, torn into pieces
A small handful of roasted, salted pistachios
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
A healthy squeeze of Mike’s Hot Honey (or substitute your favorite honey and a pinch of red pepper flakes, Aleppo pepper or pimente d’Espellette)
A good pour over of your best olive oil
Flaky salt

Pile the fruit and cheese and nuts on a plate or in a shallow bowl. Drizzle with lemon juice, honey and olive oil. Salt. Devour.

(Substitute any fruit and remember tomatoes are fruit, too. Use burrata if you have it. Swap out the pistachios and use hazelnuts or almonds or cashews. Tear up some basil or mint leaves or snip some chives over the top. And so on.)

Let me know what you think.


PS Looking for a fun FUN beachy read? This book is a delight.


9 Responses to “a cool salad for a fast pace”

  1. Jamie Samons

    Congratulations on your speedy sell! That salad looks fantastic…and perfect for a day like today when just thinking about turning on a stove makes me wilt.

  2. Kathleen Leverett

    Wow! Speedy exit from old house! Good for you and good for not looking back. We are in our new house one month today, we submitted a bid one day after it hit the market! I know the “head spinning ” feeling! I had to stop unpacking here two weeks ago to make some of you crushed tomatoes( totally out) AND will look forward to this salad. Cheers!

    • Cathy

      Oh, we haven’t exited yet. We have until October and between now and then, so many hurdles! It’s nice to hear that there is life on the “other side.” Yay you for crushing tomatoes! I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Randi Braverman

    Loved the recipe!!
    We have been looking for a place like the one that you bought. Might I ask where it is located?

  4. Katie C.

    Looking at your house pictures, it’s no wonder why your house sold so quickly! Now for the downsizing. Time for a yard sale! P.S. I like the idea of spicy honey. I never heard of it before.

  5. Sharlah

    Thank you for the “Not Matt’s Salad (Summer Fruit and Mozzerella Salad)” recipe. I made myself at home and i added dragon fruit and kiwi” on it . Aside from its healthy, its really tasty!

    Looking forward on more exciting healthy blogs!

  6. Rebecca

    I love Mike’s hot honey! I used to bring it back from Brooklyn, but now a local store is carrying it. I love it on ice cream, in vinaigrette, and it is fabulous in hot tea when I’m feeling under the weather.


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