August 4, 2015

IMG_0024Rajas. I’m obsessed. Fire-roasted poblano chiles, cut into strips.

I go to the farmers market with this meal in mind, gathering a few poblano chiles, beautiful new potatoes (purple ones are pretty), and the best, freshest eggs.

IMG_0011-1In Spanish, rajas means strips or slices. Don’t fret about perfection. It’s a few quick minutes’ work to roast, peel and prepare a handful of poblanos for a week of breakfasts.

Steam the potatoes ahead, too, until they can be pierced with a fork. These potatoes should still have structure, which is why Red Bliss or purple Peruvian potatoes are the best choice.

IMG_0018In the morning, coffee cup grasped hopefully in one hand, spoon a serving of the rajas and steamed purple potatoes into an oil slicked sauté pan. I added a chopped shallot just because. When warmed through, add a lashing of cream. Pour this goodness into a wide bowl and wipe out the pan. Glug in a bit of olive oil and fry an egg until the edges are crispy lace. A few drops of hot sauce won’t hurt.

IMG_0022I can’t stop making this breakfast. Don’t judge.

IMG_0069PS There is a recipe for pressure canning rajas in my book.


2 Responses to “poblano rajas, potato and egg.”

  1. Patricia Hogan

    Rajas are my favorite “veggie”! Love the description. I can taste them now!


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