May 23, 2014

I miss writing here, but I am deep deep deep in the very last review of my book and two other projects, all of which must be finished by Tuesday.

I took a few minutes to snap pictures of the garden, to tide you (and me) over. I’ll be back next week. I have a delicious new recipe to share.


PS Congratulations to Scott D. who won the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits Handbook of Etiquette giveaway. IMG_0860 These are knock-out roses. My friend Janet insists on calling them Wipe Out roses so that’s what they will be henceforth. IMG_0858This is the happiest climbing hydrangea. If you are growing one and tapping your toe waiting for it to grow, in my experience, they are almost dormant for five years, then take hold and grow and bloom like mad. IMG_0873This year, the Kousa dogwoods are covered in beautiful blooms. The center of the flower turns to a big red seed pod by September, at which point, a flock of grackles land and eat every single one in an afternoon.IMG_0870 Columbine are surprisingly easy to grow. Buy a packet of seed and toss them around the garden in late August. Don’t plant them, just scatter them and water the garden. IMG_0863

Kousa Kanopy.
IMG_0882 More Wipe Out roses. IMG_0880Oakleaf hydrangea blooms – just emerging.IMG_0877Clematis on the birdhouse. For some reason, all the blooms are at ground level, even though the vine is six feet tall.IMG_0890 First of the season. Frais de bois. Hoping the chipmunks don’t see it. IMG_0889The promise of more frais de bois.

4 Responses to “a garden walk”

  1. Lizthechef

    Is it “knock-out” or “knock-off”? I can never remember – they were developed here in California but, strangely enough, don’t grow too well here. I’m still going to try some – yours look gorgeous.

  2. Scott_D

    I’m excited to have won. Thanks!

    I’m also excited to learn this dogwood variety. We have a neighbor with one. It blooms later than other varieties around and is always pretty. Shoportunity.

  3. Katherine C. James

    Thank you for so much lush green on my early Saturday morning, into which I was awakened at 5 AM by an insistent crow. Your climbing hydrangea is beautiful. Good luck with finishing your work. Enjoy a cocktail as evening comes on. xo.


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