January 19, 2012

My class schedule is now available for the summer canning season. Sign up soon – class size is limited and they fill quickly. I hope you will make 2012 the year you start canning.

Classes are held in my Washington DC home kitchen and are limited to six students.

  • Skill building, healthful eating and a focus on seasonal ingredients.
  • Contact me for further information or to register.
  • I am also available to teach any class, or one we create together, in my kitchen or your home, for groups no larger than six.

To register for a class, simply send me an email at mrswheelbarrow@gmail.com. I’ll let you know if there is room in the class, and how to send payment to reserve your seat.

Stocking the Practical Pantry

Introducing a new canning series – eight seasonal classes intended to help you stock your pantry for next winter.
Discounts apply when you register for multiple classes.

1 class $85
2-3 classes $80 each
4-6 classes $75 each
All seven classes  for $500.

Learn to Can: Jams and Preserves
Sunday, May 20, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
berries and early summer fruits

Learn to Can: Pickles & Chutneys
Saturday, June 16, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
quick pickles, lacto fermentation, boiling water bath

Learn to Can: All About Cherries
Saturday, June 30, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
preserves, pie filling, liqueur and more

Learn to Can: Pie Filling and Preserves
Sunday, July 22, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
summer stone fruits

Learn to Can: Sauces and Syrups
Saturday, August 11, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
sweet and savory, later season stone fruits

Learn to Can: All About Tomatoes
Sunday, September 16, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
boiling water bath and pressure canning

Learn to Can: All About Tomatoes
Sunday, September 30, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
boiling water bath and pressure canning

Learn to Can: All About Grapes
Sunday, October 7, 12-4
Participation, hands-on
jelly and juice

3 Responses to “class schedule for 2012 canning series”

  1. Cheryl Tyiska

    I am definitely interested in the classes. Need to check my schedule. Please keep me on your notification list.


  2. Jean Garvin

    Let me know how to sign up for your classes. I’m interested in all of them but may not be able to make the one on July 22nd.


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