February 22, 2011

Image by David Dadekian. Check out his blog for more exceptional photography.

Butchery, charcuterie making, farm to table, a pot-luck.

From the start, Kim and I had hoped there would be some Events. We wanted to get you ‘paloozers together.

After all, Kim and I met on Twitter, but when I was in New York just a few weeks later, we actually met, for a cup of coffee. We’re fans of the IRL meeting. I have to think that the fact we had met in person made it easier to contemplate meat making together. I knew she would be game – she’s freaking fearless – there’s not a food project that scares her (if you don’t believe me, read this or this.) She knew I had experience with charcuterie and teaching classes, so I can only assume she felt confident I wouldn’t let her poison her family.

So we talked about what might get all of you meat-people from all around the world together…. and this is what we came up with ….

Pigs. Of course. And learning. Butchery as an art form. Great food, discussion and wine served up in gorgeous surroundings. And the sheer whimsy of a pig roast on a summer afternoon..

This Events page will join the other Charcutepalooza pages on the top banner, and we’ll update it as often as we can. We hope for many more events going forward. If you have an idea for a get-together, we’ll add it to the mix, just get in touch.

First, let’s start with Kate Hill’s Events. Yes, Grand Prize Kate Hill. The one who has that fabulous farm in Gascony, and offers classes in charcuterie and butchery. She’s bringing Gascony to the US for six, very special, workshops.

Offered to professionals, cooks, food lovers and Charcutepalooza’ers these workshops cover the basics of traditional French seam butchery and crafting authentic charcuterie. Led by Kate and Dominique Chopolard, a traditional Gascon butcher, and hosted by some exceptional people, you’ll be completely immersed in the French way of meat making.

March 14 & 15 9:00 am -1:30 pm
The French PIG: the elegance of the cut

The Herbfarm Restaurant, Woodenville, WA.

March 16 5:00- 9:30 pm
Working with the Master

Portland Meat Collective- Portland, OR

March 18 9:30am -5:00 pm
Seed to Sausage Charcuterie

Claddagh Farms Cookery School/ Podchef Farms), Montville, ME
*Special 10% Discount available for official Charcutepalooza participants.

March 20 9:30 am-5:00 pm
The French PIG: glorious Gascony comes to
Stonyman Gourmet Farmer, Little Washington, VA
*Special 10% Discount available for official Charcutepalooza participants. Use code charcutepalooza123.

March 21 & 22
2-day Professional Workshop
(Mon 2pm -9pm, Tues 9 am-4 pm)
Woodberry Kitchens, Baltimore, MD


May 4-5

The Art of the Lamb at Stonyman Gourmet Farmer, Little Washington VA
Day one: 4-9pm Exhibits and evening wine reception
followed by a spit-roasted lamb dinner;
Day two: 9:30-2 Speakers, sausage making demonstration with MrsWheelbarrow,
followed by a merguez lunch
Bringing farmers, butchers, chefs, consumers, 4H, and Charcutepaloozer’s together – We’ll be mixing delicious
food with hearty conversation and a sprinkling of policy discussions, all in beautiful Rappahannock County.

Summer 2011, date TBD
Meat Up
with TheYummyMummy, New Paltz, NY
Kim, Cathy and Bob del Grosso are planning a Charcutepalooza pig roast at Kim’s Country House.
Word has it the Mosefund Farms will be throwing in a Mangalitsa and East Coasters should start packing up their tents and thinking about pot luck sides. We’ll keep you all posted as we nail everything down.

There just might be tattoos, too. Of the temporary type.
But you’ll have to get to an event to know for sure.

48 Responses to “charcutepalooza. the events.”

  1. Cathy

    Mardi & Nichola – you’re both in Canada (albeit a few hours apart) so rally your neighbors and other Charcutepaloozers to hold an event and we’ll promote it here. I’ll bet there are a few of you north of the border who are ready to have a Meat Party!

  2. Jamie

    Sigh… Looking at the map of participants and the upcoming events, it looks like I will have to live vicariously thru everyone else. Currently in Central Florida, so the chances of making any of these is pretty slim.. BUT, wil definitely have to keep an eye on the NY meat up in the summer!

    Great idea, and thank you again for hosting this year long event!

    • Deb Lindsay

      You are not alone in Central Florida! This kind of thing is much more fun in groups. I have the book and some experience- how about you- what’s your interest?

  3. kate hill

    Dominique and I are so happy to be able to ‘meat up’ with so many charcuteplaooza’ers in such a delicious way. Come learn the old world ways in our new Frenchways workshops!

  4. Julia

    Oh my goodness! New Paltz?? I am SO there. I was getting sad as I went down the list of events, and then I saw New Paltz, of all places. I live ten minutes away. Yay!!!!!!!

  5. JimD

    Are there any Charcutepaloozers in Tennessee or close enough to Nashville that would be interested in doing a southern Meat up. I’m sure we could put a cool event together!

      • Jennifer

        I’m just outside of Nashville! In fact, I am picking up a smaller (approximately 125 pounds) fresh, whole hog in a few days from a local processor that I just had cleaned and scalded so that I could DIY learn to butcher. I’m going to print out steps from the internet… JimD, Dre, do y’all know how to butcher?

        I also know of a chef in the area that might be willing to give a lesson on butchering in the future, I’ll find out if I can schedule that. Otherwise, I would love to do a meat-up downtown!

        Feel free to e-mail me @ pjmatthews7750 (at) gmail (dot) com

    • holly

      Hey there! I’m just west of Nashville (2 miles into Cheatham county). So glad to see there are some ‘paloozers nearby. We definitely need a meat and greet. Don’t know what y’all had in mind but I’d be happy to offer up our house for a location. If we ever get some decent weather, we have a great deck up on the side of a hill. Anybody going to be at the downtown farmer’s market Saturday?

  6. Lynn

    Here’s hoping I’ll be able to make one of these – and that some more left coast events will come together!

    • Cathy

      Hi Sally – Just click on the program you’re intereste in – that will take you directly to the registration form, or a site to leave a comment or query.

  7. Sharon Miro

    I sure hope that there will be more set up toward West Coast–or I may have to have a New York Trip be part of my summer of fun…

  8. Linda

    I am so disappointed that I won’t be able to attend either the Seattle or Portland events. I just agreed to substitute for another community college instructor and I now am teaching, for the next six weeks, seven classes the next four weeks and nine classes for two more weeks! Ah, maybe someday my butchering dreams will come true! In the meantime, my second pancetta turned out as good as the first if not better. And today I picked up a brisket and a tongue for the next challenge. Charcutepalooza, you make my life happy and exciting!

  9. Chad

    Nothing in the Great Plains (maybe not that many participating). Did the brined pork chops Monday (great) and corned buffalo tongue next week (may even go a step further and smoke for pastrami). Have done tongue as corned beef before and it’s quite amazing

  10. JimD

    MR had a post last year about corned beef short ribs. I think I want to take that a little farther. I am currently looking for an unseparated short rib section to make into pastrami. I can’t stop salivating!

    • Cathy

      Can you get to Little Washington, VA? There’s still space as of 3/3 – I’m going to be there! Can. Not. Wait.

  11. meagan

    How many people doing this are in the seattle area? anyone interested in going in on a pig, sharing skills, etc? let me know!

  12. M. Hill

    I got your address from paper in virginia beach, va. love to cook, found Lorraine Eatons article on Charcuterie, home cured bacon very interestingI do not know what you do or can I join what ever it is.

  13. Karla

    Anyone want to carpool from Northern VA to Little Washington on March 20? I am happy to drive and can take 3 others from the Vienna Metro Stop on Sunday Morning.

  14. Darcie

    Ah, the curse of living in a fly-over state – no events nearby. If there are any Upper Midwesterners who want to get together please post here! I’m in Minnesota.

    • Melissa

      I am in MN too (SW suburbs)! I would love to be kept informed of any events happening in this area. Darcie, what kind of get together are you thinking of? Let me know your thoughts!



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