January 17, 2011

If for no other reason, make this soup for the way it will make your house smell.

Seriously. It should be a diptych candle.

Winnie, the quiet cook from New Paltz with the seriously brilliant blog, Healthy Green Kitchen, is another of the home cook bloggers I’ve met through Food52. Before Food52, and their lively online community of home cooks, I expressed myself, creativity and intellectually, alone in my own kitchen.

I certainly had friends who cooked, but no one with the lunacy to make a cake twelve times until it was perfect. Or chop ten pounds of onions just to learn to dice and mince and brunoise. Or figure out how to recreate a restaurant meal. Or put up food in jars, for heaven’s sake.

Food52 came along and I found my peeps. Love you all. And then there was Twitter. Found more. And now, seriously? I’ve learned some mad kitchen skills, and have at hand an unbelievably vibrant, seemingly endless, resource of great ideas for dinner.

And that’s why I want you to meet Winnie. Winnie’s blog is where my love for food and Dennis’ desire for health collide. Her recipes never fail to impress us both. I served her award winning Turkey Pho at the Dead Poultry Society and we were scraping the last drops from a huge batch before the party was half over.

When planning Meatless Monday dinners, Healthy Green Kitchen is a perfect place to browse. This week, I selected her Vegetarian Pho. Ate it before I could photograph it. That good.

Here’s a link to the recipe. Give it a try. I think you’ll love it. And I know you’ll love the way the house smells.

Meatless Monday #3

9 Responses to “Winnie’s Pho.”

  1. Winnie

    Oh, Cathy! Thank you so much for such a lovely post. I’ve spent the day doing girl child birthday related duties and just got on the computer. Saw the pingback from this post right away, and couldn’t be happier right now 🙂

  2. weekend farmer

    This is so cool that I found your blog thru foodlawyer. I am venturing into my first duck breats proscuitto and you and FL’s posts were very helpful! Will let you know how it turns out : ) Happy Curing!!

  3. Chefdruck

    I have been dying to venture into the land of Asian soups, beyond my French vegetable soups. Thank you for the inspiration!

    I particularly love the comment, “ate it before I could photograph it.” That type of passion and regret would only make sense to a food blogger…. the whole “did I really eat it if I didn’t shoot it?” dilemma.

  4. sallycan

    Had to laugh at the Post’s food section, out 2 days after your post! Pho is the perfect soup for a cold winter’s day. One tip I picked up from recipes here and there is to char the ginger and onions in the oven first-adds a nice depth of flavor, though with so many Pho places around here, and each with it’s own taste, we often just go out for it.

  5. Catherine

    yum, sounds great
    and looks really pretty

    I’m on the look-out for some delish low cal lunch ideas. This appears to be a good one.



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