September 1, 2010

Cooking Classes are held in my home kitchen and are limited to six students.
Skill building, healthful eating and a focus on seasonal ingredients.
Tuition is $50/class, unless otherwise noted. Bring a friend and two attend for $80.
Contact me at for further information.
I am also available to teach any class, or one we create together, in your home, for groups no larger than six.

Sunday, September 12th Canning Party – 10-3 SOLD OUT
 Crushed Tomatoes, Tomato Soup, Salsa
Sunday, September 19th Canning Party – 10-3 SOLD OUT

 Crushed Tomatoes, Tomato Soup, Salsa

Sunday, October 10 12-3 Pies and Tarts 
Mile High Apple Pie, Plum Tart, Chocolate Raspberry Mini Tarts

Sunday, November 7 12-3 DINNER PARTY: Indian Flavors – SOLD OUT
 Inside out Samosas, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Grilled Flatbread, Mango Lassi
Sunday, November 14 12-3 Party Appetizers Crab Cakes, Gravlax on Corn Cakes, Fritto Misto

Saturday, November 20 12-3 Candy Making Indian Spiced Nut Brittle, Salted Caramels, Peppermint Patties

Sunday, December 12 12-3 Holiday Cookies
 Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie,  Chocolate Ginger Cookie (Ladoo), Pistachio Sand Dabs

23 Responses to “Fall Cooking Classes in Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen”

  1. paula

    I am listening to you on NPR. Wow. I am glad to see the interest in canning. I went to a workshop at the local Extension office and it was packed. We have peaches, apple, fig and pear trees, along with lots of tomatoes. fig preserves this weekend.

  2. Patrick

    Heard your spot on NPR in Texas, and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the info, I might have to get into canning…

  3. SheilaMH

    I heard you on NPR this morning on my drive into work. I've been helping my mom and grandmother with canning every summer for as long as I can remember. Now that I'm 23 and have moved out I still go back and help and try to add my own touch to the process! Great segment!

  4. kate

    Heard your story on NPR on our drive to the kid's school this morning (we live in in Birmingham ,AL). I'm excited to find your blog! It looks great, and I' know I'll be back to utilize your great resources with canning, and to use some of these fantastic recipes! Thanks!

  5. Catty A.

    Congrats on your NPR story! I love canning and recognize you from Food52! I need to do my tomatoes and may try some of your peach salsa before it is too late!

  6. Christopher Duggan

    I was absolutely delighted by your story on NPR this morning. Brought me back to the days of my mom and grandma pickeling watermelon rinds when I was a kid.

    Thank you!


  7. Desiree

    Just heard you on NPR and I loved the story! I was just talking about how I would like to do some pickling and canning, and hearing you on NPR has me convinced. I will looking to your blog to help me learn! My mom is going to be so excited to share her tips as well, so I won't tell her I'm getting info from you. 😉

  8. Anonymous

    Excellent story on NPR this morning. I love canning as well. Great idea, "canning party". I am an organic farmer and a farmers market vendor. Love your blog as well.
    Cathy K.

  9. Anonymous

    great story on NPR. I've taken up canning again this summer after a long hiatus.

    Would love some suggestions as to what to do with all of the green peppers and beetsfrom my garden other than freezing them? Also how do you preserve your kale?

    I have a kitchen full of tomatoes to get started on – Nothing is more rewarding than looking at the cabinet full of canned goods and jellies from your own kitchen!

    If you still need hardware for your cabinets go to – we just built a house and I got all my hardware from them.

  10. JB

    I just listened to your interview on NPR and your fig jam reminded me of the Spiced California Fig recipe we made when I was in high school. It was in the "Sunset Cookbook of Favorite Recipes".

  11. Anonymous

    Just listened to your spot on NPR. I'm thinking it might be the hottest day we've had yet in northern california, so it's perfect for canning tomatoes!:-) I'm off to the local grown produce stand because I'm so imspired! Canning is my favorite anidote to hi-tech…

  12. Pam

    I heard you on NPR this morning! I remember my mother canning everything we grew in our garden as a child. As I grew up, there are only a few things that just make things "seem right", canning is one of them. I don't have a large garden but I frequent local farmers markets as much as I can. I just finished Dill Pickles. I'll be in the kitchen and loving it for the rest of harvest season.

  13. Rhain

    I came across your blog after reading an article on NPR. Congrats! That is a lovely idea. My parents have a garden that overflows with fruits and vegetables, and often times they are in a rush to eat them. And those jars look so cute, i would love just having them around.
    i'm following your blog now, excited to learn more!

  14. Elizabeth

    I just listened to you on NPR, I am just starting my Canning venture in a couple weeks with my mom (who is quite experienced). I can't wait!

  15. MrsWheelbarrow

    So nice to see all you NPR listeners here. Thank you for visiting.
    Paula – I'm officially jealous of your orchard.
    Patrick – yes, you might have to get canning. you'll be so happy with the results.
    SheilaMH, I used to help my mother can, also. It's such a nice way to hang out in the kitchen with family and friends.
    Hi Kate, look forward to hearing about your adventures in canning. let me know what recipes you try, and how they come out.
    Hey Catty, fellow Food52'er. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how the Peach Salsa comes out.
    So happy to see all these new faces.

  16. MrsWheelbarrow

    Christopher, I made watermelon rind pickle this summer, but just one jar – to see if it was as good as I remember. IT WAS! I'm thinking of making more, and writing it up – stay tuned.
    Desiree, I'll bet your mom could give me some tips, too! Have fun.
    Cathy K – I LOVE my farmers market peeps. I couldn't do this canning without the relationships I've built. It makes all the difference. Thanks for stopping by!
    JB – I'm going to have to find that book. The jam sounds too good!
    Pam, you sound just like me! In the kitchen til the snow falls. After that, too!
    Rhain, the jars are cute!
    Elizabeth – start canning with your mom, you'll be so glad you did.

  17. AG Ambroult

    Over here from NPR too! So glad I heard that piece, and so glad to "meet you"

    My canning experience is pickles and salsa. I think I need to expand on this. I think i found the right place to learn more 🙂

  18. Decadent Butters

    Just heard your segment on NPR. So delighted to know that there are others that still can their food and enjoy doing so. Love it.

  19. Decadent Butters

    Just heard your segment on NPR. So delighted to know that there are others that still can their food and enjoy doing so. Love it.

  20. eyemanjoe

    Tried canning roma tomatoes for the first time. Used a pressure cooker-type canning pot. After cooling the tomatoes separated from the clear liquid in the jars and sunk to the bottom. Did I not squeeze all of the water out before packing the jars?

  21. MrsWheelbarrow

    Hi EyemanJoe, I find that the tomatoes often settle after a day or two, and the separation isn't as obvious. It will take a couple of times to learn how much juice needs to be squeezed out, and how every tomato is different. When you open the jars, if it seems too watery, you can always drain off a bit of the liquid. Regardless, they're going to taste great, I'm sure. Thanks for visiting!

  22. Anonymous

    Heard about you through NPR, and can only wish your classes were available here in Seattle! Being 53 and looking at future "opportunities for employment" I can certainly relate with your blog. Thank you for sharing

  23. Anonymous

    Could not believe my ears when I heard the NPR section with Linda Wertheimer on canning tomatoes.

    Did I actually hear you say,"send the juice down the sink"???

    What a pittyful waste that would be!


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