August 6, 2010

I’ve been a very bad blogger.

This used to be our tv room. It will be again. So I’m told
The bathroom tile was the first thing finished. I go here just to stare and pray for completion.

The renovations have gotten in the way of everything.

That’s Bob. He is my new best friend. I made some pizza last week, so now he loves me.
Picking paint colors. The only task I hate more is picking hardware. Haven’t done that yet. Six weeks to select knobs. Insane.
New stairs. Pretty, aren’t they?

I barely cook. I’m canning on the weekends in a flash of hot, steamy messes, the kitchen at 90°, barely cooler than the air outside.

Half the time I can’t find my camera. The other half of the time, I can’t write or hear myself think over the whine of saws and the bang of nail guns.

Forgive me. I promise I’ll be better.

I’ve been in NYC for two days of blissful eating and gathering with online friends for some real-life fun. I’ve eaten so much delicious food and talked myself hoarse and laughed myself silly.

Stellar dinner at Congee Village. Twelve delectable courses, culminating in karaoke. No, I didn’t sing. But everyone else did! My sides still hurt from laughing.

Jellyfish, pig stomach, chicken feet, something I can’t remember, and tofu skin wraps. All delicious.
Typical mealtime with bloggers.
Chicken, lobster, whole fish, silky noodles and fantastic rice.

All you wonderful people who came out to play, Kim, Jennie, Gail, Jessica, Jessica, Kian, Marc, Vanessa, and Carol – thank you for making me feel so welcome in NYC, and making me laugh and laugh. Click through for some great blogs full of delicious reading.

Look what Gail (The Tough Cookie) made! We each received one of these cookies – decorated to look just like our latest blog post! Clever clever lady. I love her.

I had a superb lunch at The Spotted Pig with Winnie. We were so busy chatting, neither of us took a single picture, but if you get there, try the rollmops. They were as fabulous as my Grandmother’s. And the super skinny fries, served with a burger that was perfection on a bun. Oh! And if they have corn soup? You really must make room.

Finally, the trip culminated in an exceptional dinner at Prune with my two beautiful cousins, Laura and Elizabeth, and Laura’s lucky fiance. He’s found himself a very special woman.

Chef Gabrielle Hamilton is a genius. Make plans to go to Prune. You will not be disappointed.

Signature Prune appetizers – sardines, triscuits & mustard, radishes with sweet butter and salt, aged goat cheese with salted red onion.
Celery salad. I must try to repeat this. Really refreshing, tart, crunchy.
Lamb shank.

I’ll be posting recipes this weekend for some deliicous canning projects. It’s time to get into the kitchen and put up the best of summer, before it all goes away.


PS I have to be a proud mama here – little Louie graduated from Obedience School this week. How cute is he?

6 Responses to “Bad Blogger”

  1. Liz the Chef

    Of course we forgive you!Your house will be lovely in no time. Meanwhile,give Louie a pat from me… Your NYC trip sounds wonderful – LOL at the shot of bloggers shooting their dishes!

  2. MrsWheelbarrow

    Hi Erin – Louie is what I call a custom made dog. Part terrier. Maybe part schnauzer. 100% adorable.

    Liz – the trip was great. Hope sometime we'll get you to the East Coast for a meet-up in the City.

  3. Winnie

    You don't need to apologize! But glad you posted about why you've been absent (renovations). So happy to have shared the afternoon with you: loved the fab roll mops, corn soup and burger (but I think we both agreed that the apricot tart was a little "meh"…too much almond and not enough of the yummy apricots… in my opinion anyway). Have a great weekend and keep your chin up- in a short while, you'll have a lovely, super clean and quiet space in which to cook and blog yourself silly 😉

  4. MrsWheelbarrow

    Indeed, Winnie – that apricot tart was totally forgettable. Surprising in the height of summer to use so little fruit.

  5. THE Tough Cookie

    GREAT post! Love the pix from Prune, one of my personal favorites! I'm so glad we're IRL friends now!!!!


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