April 28, 2010

Last weekend I made mint jelly. Not that bright green overly sweet kind you find in the grocery store, but the kind that’s meltingly sweet and acidic at the same time, and an honest golden glow-y color that comes from combining only mint, vinegar, apples and sugar.

I made four jars and I’m already worried that’s not enough.

I found the brilliant recipe on Simply Recipes, with great instructions and photos, and what drew me to it was the opportunity to create Apple Pectin, something I had been considering for all my jams this year.

the mush that becomes pectin
wow a lot of pectin!

luxurious texture

If you’re a lamb lover, and if you grew up with mint jelly on the table, give this recipe a try. It’s dead easy and a great introduction to jelly making and working with all-natural pectin.

this is a great boil – what you want for jelly.

cool 2-3 min. then skim & boil again


Yes, late to the party again, I just discovered the Tigress Can Jam and this is my contribution to the April Can Jam – canning with herbs. And can’t wait to play with all the other canners via the Tigress’ fun Can Jam this season.

And while I’m joining things, I’m also signing up for the Canvolution – a rockin’ great group that collects great information about canning and last year posted stories from all across the country of CANNING PARTIES! I am so into this. Anyone else? I’m thinking August 15th? Are you in?

If you’re not able to be in DC, you could host your own party. We could even Skype it.

Summer’s coming. Let’s Can.

3 Responses to “A Little Late To The Party – Mint Jelly Done Right”

  1. Rivka

    YUM! I've done mint extract, mint pesto, but never mint jelly. doing some recipe development with lamb shoulder this week — maybe mint jelly will come into play.

  2. FoodieTots

    Oh, I was so envious of all the canvolution parties last summer, would love to participate in one here in DC!

  3. MrsWheelbarrow

    Wonderful! Let's work on getting a crowd together. I'm all for it, and will happily play the host.


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