March 26, 2010

My two best friends were here for the weekend. And Dennis went out of town (smart guy.)

We had a great time. Washington DC was looking it’s Springtime best, so we snuck in a sunrise cherry blossom tour. (The only time to drive around the Tidal Basin.)

A few highlights, in photos.

My garden: early little tulips

My garden: happy tulips. see the pink one in the back? have no idea where it came from.

martinis in the grown ups room (living room) w/cheddar crackers & habanero gold jam

snacks: cheese crackers, duck liver terrine, rice crackers, new Spring fromage,
habanero gold jam, strawberries glazed with balsamic & black pepper

Saturday morning the hyacinths all bloomed. intoxicating aroma.

lunch charcuterie was homemade chanterelle laced terrine, cornichons & mustard

out of the larder: sour cherries in light syrup and apricots in vanilla syrup

duck breasts scored, seared, served in sour cherry, thyme sauce

roasted golden beets and ricotta salata over baby arugula with horseradish dressing

Sunday morning, 7am, Washington, DC Tidal Basin – Cherry Blossoms

Sunday brunch: apricots & yogurt, Kaki’s Strangled Eggs, scones,
my homemade breakfast sausage & bacon, caprese salad (local hydroponic tomatoes)

My garden: even in the rain, the tulips were cheerful

My garden: Monday morning, heading to the airport, cherry tree starting to bloom, star magnolia in full bloom, boxwood are recovering from the deep snow

3 Responses to “Entertaining”

  1. Fat Nutrition Writer

    What lovely entertaining ideas! Your home and your garden are beautiful. I loved the tulips, especially the renegade pink one! Hubby and I haven't learned to make our own sausage yet, but we would like to. Please let me know if you know of any especially good internet or book resources for learning how to do that.

  2. MrsWheelbarrow

    I think Ruhlman's Charcuterie is a terrific cookbook for sausage-making. I attended a two day class, and that did a lot for building my confidence!


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