February 22, 2010

carnival dancers

I’ve been away. Really away. I have thought about writing. Even started a few posts, but I just couldn’t get all the ducks in a row until right now. Many things have happened. It snowed. It snowed again. I had a birthday. I made three cakes and invited the kids in the ‘hood to come to my birthday party. If ever you are fighting the big bad blues on your birthday, just invite some ten year olds over. They know how to do a birthday party.

Then, my computer quit on me. Died. Bought a new one. Waited a few days to get data from old to new. Sent old one off for new logic board. Computer drama is now officially over.

Then, we went on vacation. Mexico. It was heavenly. I highly recommend Playa del Carmen and send shout outs to all who provided names of hotels, restaurants, transportation, massage, sight-seeing insights. Thank you so much for the direction – it made the trip all that much better.

I expected to do some writing while away, but a spotty wi-fi connection was all the excuse I needed to procrastinate. And the garden at the hotel.

Now, home again, spent the last two days at farmers markets and CSAs, so the refrigerator is full. The laundry is sorted and underway. Bathing suits and t shirts put away. I have no more excuses.

I signed up for the Week of Eating In challenge from The Huffington Pos and from 2/22 to 2/27 I’m going to report on what’s going on in my kitchen.

Also, on Thursday, we’re co-hosting a get-together for Bending Bridge Farm (our winter vegetable CSA) and the other CSA members and friends. It’s a potluck, aptly titled Parsnip Appreciation Night – an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic winter vegetables Audrey and Cameron have been providing and shake off the winter blues.

Tonight, our first home-cooked meal, I went to Food52 and enjoyed the recent winning recipes from two of my favorite bloggers – Jennifer Perillo, In Jennie’s Kitchen, and Kelsey, The Naptime Chef.

Jennie’s Manicotti is so delicious! I had a pint of last summer’s oven roasted tomato sauce in the freezer, made some fresh ricotta, the crespelles, and had a delicious dinner ready in no time at all.

And Kelsey’s easy Bundt Cake made tonight’s dinner seem like a special occasion. I used olive oil and baked it in my favorite fancy bundt pan.

A wonderful vacation. Nice to be back.

the amazing ruins at Tulum – I had no idea – expected a pyramid, not an entire city 

the architecture is very complex, and imagining the structures with bold painted exteriors blew my mind
I hate to sound trite, but this really was one of those experiences that made me feel like a blip on the timeline of the world.

one happy camper

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  1. Winnie

    Sounds like an excellent vacation; Tulum looks amazing! Glad you have a new computer…I had to replace mine a few months back too…and that we'll be hearing about your recipes again!


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