May 12, 2009

Farm Report – mid-May

All the little plants have come out to the patio. Shaded by the maples, they are growing happily. Spent hours Saturday and Sunday tickling apart tomato, eggplant and celeriac seedlings and repotting into cellpacks.

Above are three photos of the process. In the first photo, I’ve put some soil in the bottom of the cellpack. The peat pot the tomatoes germinated in is on the right. I pulled (gently) the little plants apart – photo two – and put them in the cellpacks. The third photo shows the 27 tomato plants I now have. What the heck am I going to do with 27 tomato plants?

I’m continuing to harvest radishes only as big as a pebble. Sweet and sharp and delicious with smoked salt and sweet butter as a snack with wine at the end of the day. Tastes of the garden and the earth – can I actually have a terroir in my garden? Ha!

The arugula is the perfect tiny tender size for my favorite sandwich – the BAT – bacon, arugula and tomato on white toast. Mayo, of course. Ahhhhh.

I’ll be putting in seeds for yellow beans tomorrow. They are called dwarf teepee beans, bush-type. Also some Italian green beans, the kind with the lovely flat shape and big white beans inside. I think they are climbers. They are so hard to find; it will be so yummy to have them in the garden.

I’ll start a “drill” of beets – just a few as I’m the only one who likes them in this house. Roasted and tossed with goat cheese and toasted pecans.

And a row of new lettuce – maybe the little gem. And a row of swiss chard.

Then, I will feed the whole garden with good fish fertilizer – organic seaweed compost mixed in the hose end sprayer.

And then I will wait for the sun to make it all happen.

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